Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystal Reiki Healing is a combination of Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing. The two modalities work together to help balanced out your chakras, alleviating stress and making you feel calmer overall, whilst subsiding any symptoms that occur from chakra blocks such as headaches, anxiety, depression and much more.


What is Reiki? (pronounced Ray-key)

Usui Reiki was founded by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan. The word Reiki mean Life Force in Japanese. Reiki is an energy channeled by the practitioner through their hands, to balance out the chakras and energy fields around in and around your body to help on a spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological level.

Reiki can help you feel relaxed and is used by many as a complimentary therapy to modern treatments and medicine.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing uses the energy of crystals to help unblock chakras and alleviate pain or discomfort through the make-up and elements of the crystals. All the difference crystals have different energies, dependent on their components.

Crystal are placed on the chakras or body parts either on their own or in grid formation, and activated (the quartz wand is moved in clock wise or anti clockwise direction on top of the crystals). Crystals are also set with the intention to heal and energise what you need at that time.

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What to expect during a Crystal Reiki Healing Session with Enigma Healing

When you walk into the relaxing cabin, you forget all your worries a the door…We start by having a chat about what you would like from the session, you then lie on the therapy bed and relax while I place crystals on your body, and call in the energies and Angels to start the Reiki session. During the session I may place more crystal on your body and will end the session with Crystal Healing and a Sound Bath from a crystal singing bowl. After the session we will have a chat about how you feel and what you felt during the Healing and also what I saw during the session.

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